Friday, April 22, 2011

Fables: The Hen and the Apple Tree

Title: Fables: The Hen and the Apple Tree
Author: Arnold Lobel
Genre: Fiction
Ages: 5- 12

Summary: There are many different fables in this book. "The Hen and the Apple Tree" is a fable out of a wolf that pretended to be a tree in order to trick a hen. The wolf tried to get the hen to come out and sit under his branches . He did this so he could eat the hen, but the hen was too smart and did not fall for it. The moral of this fable is "It is always difficult to pose as something that one is not".

About the author: Arnold Lobel was born in Schenecdaty, NY. He is best known for his chartacters Frog and Toad within his many fables. 

Theme/Skill: Be true to yourself. 

Pre-reading activity: Do you think people will notice that you are not a real tree? Why or why not? What else could you be? People will notice because it is very difficult to stand still for a long time. Everyone please get in a circle and stand nice and tall with your arms out to the side. Notice how it is difficult to stay still and your arms get tired.

Post reading activity: What could have happened if the hen did not know that the wolf was pretending to be a tree and she went outside? What else could she have done? What would you have done? Brainstorm as a class: How did the hen know that there was not a real tree outside her window and it was really a wolf?

Overall I enjoyed this book for many reasons. It reminded my of my childhood and made me think of other old fables. I think it is a great memory to create with younger children.

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